Machete Graphics is a Privately-Owned Business on Privately-Owned Property and therefore can deny service. Service denial will be dependent on several variables that are solely intended to be enforced for the safety of Machete Graphics employees, building, and other business visitors. Soliciting and loitering will not be tolerated. Nor will discrimination of others or instigation of violence (which includes the denial of service for those with open or concealed-carry weapons or devices). No pets (Certified Service Dogs allowed). Just as importantly, Machete Graphics respects our freedom of speech, however ownership does reserve the right to deny service to any person(s), organizations, or groups that inquire signage or graphic design that communicates discrimination and/or violence. This is a business that strives to carry itself with the ideals of producing positive differences, diversities, and growth in its community, and will not tolerate anything less from societal, political, or economical demographics.

Products and graphic design that is produced by Machete Graphics is solely owned by Machete Graphics until all balances are paid. A 50% deposit is placed on all pending projects to protect both the client and the business's interest; and final payment must be given before receiving completed products or design.  

Machete Graphics will not use or sell your personal information.